Sneak Preview – The Fog of Dreams Chapter One!

Things are ramping up and the publishing date grows near!

Final edits have occurred and we are just going through some last touches on the formatting to get this baby ready to publish. The events in these books have been banging around in my head for close to ten years, and getting them down in some form has been a dream of mine.  We are so thrilled to be on the verge of bringing the Operation: Harvest story to the world!

We’re so excited to get this out there, that we’re presenting, right here, the entire first chapter of the upcoming novel The Fog of Dreams.  Get introduced to Agent Richard Grace and a cast of NSA characters who are conspiring to make William Strickland’s life miserable.

The novel should be available at within the next couple of weeks, but get a head start now!

Click the cover image below to check out the preview.



Unfortunately the PDF viewer is not real mobile-friendly

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