Action and Adventure in Operation: Harvest


I’m not sure why “action” gets such a bad rap. Action films are perceived to be low-rent, low-intelligence “popcorn” movies for the brain dead majority. Why does it have to be that way?

I grew up as your typical child of the 80s and was infatuated with G.I. Joe action figures, so I always gravitated towards action in my reading. Mack Bolan was an early hero of mine, which evolved into the Phoenix Force series. But at some point I graduated from that into more “mature” fare including works by Stephen King among others.

Part of me always reflected back on Mack Bolan.

It’s the philosophy of Wolf’s Head Publishing to recall the days of action novels not being just popcorn. To find that bridge between “action” and “character” and develop a universe that has intriguing characters, involved dialogue, well conceived plot, but yes, also has plenty of action. Why can’t novels exist with all of that?

Drawing plenty of inspiration from film folks like Paul Greengrass, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and the Russo Brothers among others, we here at Wolf’s Head Publishing strongly believe that novels can be introspective and high quality, while also being high octane. That is our ultimate goal, and we hope our readers agree.

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