The Books of Operation: Harvest

Book One: The Fog of Dreams

Everyone has two sides.

Gatherer or hunter?

Protector or killer?

Civilized or savage?

For William Strickland, he awakens one morning to find those invisible lines have been blurred, and he’s slipping down a deep, dark hole. The same dark hole that conceals his memories and hides the secrets of his missing family.

Led by the charismatic Richard Grace, a Black Operations division of the national security agency holds vigil over the floundering Strickland, watching and recording his every move. Forming him. Shaping him into the most formidable soldier the world has ever seen.

They soon realize this monster is far more deadly than they ever anticipated.

Caught within a vast web of conspiracy, Strickland struggles to recover any last shred of memory and to uncover the sinister secrets keeping his family from him, though the answers he finds may not be the ones he’s looking for…




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